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But unlike the packaged three for $1 ramen you get at the store, Fat Noodle is entirely made from scratch, from the noodles to the stock. Gonzales, a trained baker whose first food truck venture — Street Delights — focused on desserts, spends hours each day crafting handmade Japanese noodles. The chicken- and pork-based stock, seasoned with onions, garlic and ginger, simmers eight to 10 hours. - Arizona Daily Star

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“I started working with dough and working with noodles and it just fell into place,” said Gonzales, whose noodle education included going to Los Angeles to study Singapore and Japanese ramen traditions. - Arizona Daily Star

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Edgar Schrock

Our Japanese visitors wanted something different (they normally seem to have no limit on their taste for steak houses). We suggested Ramen Burgers, and they had to try it. Mine was excellent -- a delicious mix of teriyaki, oomami and that core Burger taste. Great patty, yummy ramen "bun".


Tyrece P.

The FNB burger is one of the best things I've ever eaten!! Can't wait to try the rest of the menu!! -


Brandon Monroe

Finally got around to eating there this evening and had a ramen burger. It was freaking amazing. I will be back.