Chef Ramon Gonzales pouring a bowl of our fresh and tasty ramen broth

How We Make Our Ramen

Our real-deal ramen is totally different from the packs of noodles you can find at the store. We make this and our other dishes from scratch and it is a labor of love from start to finish. Fat Noodle’s owner and chef, Ramon Gonzales, studied at the Los Angeles branch of the Yamato School of Ramen and has continued to develop his ramen-making skills since Fat Noodle first opened as a food truck in 2014. When you order our ramen, you know you are getting a delicious dish that is made with care from fresh ingredients.

Here is more information about the process of how we make our ramen:

What is Ramen?

Before we discuss the process of making our ramen, it’s helpful to understand what ramen is and what elements it includes. We go into more detail on this topic in our “Ramen 101” article, so check that out if you want the full run-down. To summarize, ramen includes three elements: the broth, the noodles, and the toppings. Each of these contributes to the overall flavor of the dish.

The components of ramen, and how we prepare them, are:


Broth is the base of any ramen. There are different types of broth and at our restaurant, we prepare both shoyu (soy) and miso broth depending on the type of ramen.

For our main broth, we use a combination of chicken and pork stock. We have found that this combination results in the best possible flavor. In order to allow the complex flavors to develop, we simmer our broth over the course of eight to ten hours. We use a combination of various seasonings in addition to the chicken and pork and the end result is an absolutely delicious broth that pairs well with our noodles.

We also offer a vegetarian broth option. It is just as tasty and we add similar seasonings to develop the flavors of this broth, but use mushrooms instead of chicken and pork. Our mushroom broth simmers for four hours.

Ramen Noodles

In addition to the broth, ramen wouldn’t be the same without noodles. We prepare our noodles using locally-sourced Sonoran wheat, and this is one of the factors that sets us apart from other Tucson ramen restaurants. Sonoran wheat has a delicate texture and exquisite flavor profile, and it gives our noodles a local flair.

Ramon initially worked as a baker and these skills translate perfectly into making noodles. We make our noodles from scratch on-site and spend hours each day kneading, rolling, flattening, and shaping the dough.


There are a variety of toppings we add to our bowls of ramen, depending on which one you order. No matter what you choose, we source only the highest-quality ingredients and choose local options when possible. Each topping is prepared with care, from our pork chashu to our perfectly-cooked soft eggs.

Try It For Yourself

Experience our delicious ramen for yourself at our Tucson restaurant, or check out our food truck schedule to see when the Fat Noodle truck will be near you. In addition to our ramen, we offer appetizers such as gyoza and bao buns as well as noodle and rice bowls.

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